The Gort Cloud



By Richard Seireeni
with Scott Fields

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The Invisible Force Powering
Today's Most Visible Green Brands

"Green" has gone mainstream, and for many companies caring for the environment is not just a philosophy, it's a marketing strategy. So how does a company that's genuinely committed to green principles differentiate itself from its greenwashing competitors?

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Brand expert Richard Seireeni interviewed over two dozen "ecopreneurs" from a broad range of industries - home improvement, transportation, household products, food and beverage, energy, real estate, finance, and fashion. The collective experience of leaders such as Gary Hirshberg of Stonyfield Farm, Jeffrey Hollender of Seventh Generation, and the grandsons of Dr. Bronner, as well as other green experts, are a rich source of wisdom for green businesses getting off the ground or for any business aiming to improve its environmental performance.

The result of these interviews is the discovery of "The Gort Cloud" - a term coined by the author that describes the vast and largely invisible network of NGOs, trendspotters, advocacy groups, social networks, business alliances, certifying organizations, and other members of the green community that have the power to make or break new green brands.

Integrating The Gort Cloud into brand development and marketing strategies is critical to the success of any aspiring green brand. This "green community" can supply technical assistance, venture capital, the first line of core customers, and tremendous "echo effect" in getting the word out quickly and inexpensively.

Creating a cause, building credibility, developing a simple and compelling message, identifying core customers and sales channels, deftly playing the green alternative media, and fending off second-to-market competitors are all required to build a green brand. How these skills are put into practice will vary for each business, but Seireeni's research points toward a set of shared characteristics and basic tenets that every business can use to build a credible and successful green brand.

Rick Seireeni

Richard Seireeni and
The Brand Architect Group

Richard Seireeni is a 30-year veteran in brand consulting and marketing. He has been art director of Rolling Stone magazine, creative director of Warner Bros. Records, and co-creative director of EnterpriseIG, New York. He has managed his own consulting business, The Brand Architect Group, in Los Angeles since 1984, with affiliated offices in Tokyo and Shanghai. Seireeni graduated from the University of Washington School of Architecture and is a member of the US Green Building Council. Seireeni lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife and two children. read more >

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The Gort Cloud




306 pages
ISBN: 9781603580618
Feb. 9, 2009

Published by
Chelsea Green

Over two dozen in-depth case studies profiling the brand development and marketing strategies of today's leading
green brands:

Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap

Earth Friendly Moving

Nau Clothing

Seventh Generation

Michelle Kaufmann Designs

Green Key Real Estate


Portfolio 21 Investments

ShoreBank Pacific

Tesla Motors


Southern California Edison

Mohawk Fine Papers

Time Inc.

Ben & Jerry's Homemade

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

Stonyfield Farm

Interface Inc.

Yolo Colorhouse


Southwest Windpower

Bonneville Environmental Foundation

EcoMom Alliance


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