The Gort Cloud



By Richard Seireeni
with Scott Fields

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"Seireeni's clear thinking and compelling examples will prove valuable for anyone looking to make hay in the growing green movement."
— Publishers Weekly

"In his remarkable The Gort Cloud, Richard Seireeni details the intersection of two of society's most important forces: The Green Movement and the Social Media revolution. He shows how companies playing in that intersection can become terrifically successful, but only if they play by the unwritten rules."
— David Meerman Scott, bestselling author of The New Rules of Marketing & PR
World Wide Rave

"Richard Seireeni navigates a emerging and largely uncharted economic world with infectious enthusiasm and keen insight. Readers will emerge with renewed appreciation for entrepreneurs who effectively combine business acumen with stewardship commitment, to the enduring benefit of humanity."
Ralph Cavanagh, Energy Program Co-Director, Natural Resources Defense Council

"Creating a successful green product is equal parts art, science, and persistence. But it also requires a depth of market insights that separate the leaders from the rest of the pack. The Gort Cloud offers a wealth of knowledge, digging deep into the iconic green brands and pulling out insights that can help entrepreneurs and marketers create the next generation of authentic, market-shifting brands."
Joel Makower, Executive Editor,, and author,
Strategies for the Green Economy

"With "The Gort Cloud" Richard Seireeni has brought out the emotional and human perspective that often lacks in most green programs. Ecopreneurs in his book are not just branding opportunists but visionaries who believe that ideas when endorsed by people are more powerful than money. By understanding that a powerful change has happened in how younger generations are seeing the world of commerce, The Gort Cloud focuses on lost values such as trust, responsibility, imagination and the positive role businesses can have on our society."
Marc Gobe, Designer, photographer, filmmaker, and author of Emotional Branding: The
New Paradigm for Connecting Brands to People, Citizen Brand: 10 Commandments for
Transforming Brands in a Consumer Democracy, and Brandjam: Humanizing Brands
Through Emotional Design

"Seireeni and Fields initially set out to write a book profiling sustainability-oriented entrepreneurs and their successful development of one or more brands coming without expense to the planet. And these stories still comprise the majority of "The Gort Cloud." The "cloud" they speak of also includes the bloggers, policy wonks, media, marketers and government agencies. At heart, the book remains largely a collection of cheerleading for green companies, not any true epiphany about going forward. Even so, Seireeni and Fields successfully illuminate the mechanics of this sweeping planetary and societal transformation."
Brian LIbby, Sustainable Industries

"Richard and his writing partner Scott Fields have chronicled the marketing and brand building efforts of what they consider to be the nations leading ecopreneurs. Together they plot the intersection and emerging potential of two contemporary forces - the green movement and social media. They argue that sustainable companies benefit from a community built on truth, transparency and the free exchange of information."
Ian Yolles, Nau, The Thought Kitchen


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