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By Richard Seireeni
with Scott Fields

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My firm, The Brand Architect Group, provides strategic brand consulting as well as highly targeted communications design and storytelling. We have offices in Los Angeles, Tokyo and Shanghai with specialized partners all over the world.

A combination of strategy and expression lies at the heart of the 'brand architect' proposition. The first results in solid business positioning vis-a-vis competitors while the second delivers carefully crafted messages expressing core brand value to highly targeted audiences. We help define brand value and then bring it to life. One will not work without the other.

Because The Brand Architect Group is completely media-neutral, we are not committed to any particular media channel. Based on an analysis of customer groups, budget and other variables, we identify the most appropriate touchpoints to reach influencers and other key stakeholders. Increasingly, our outreach recommendations will include social media techniques such as Web 2.0, social networks and viral marketing — a subject that is well explored in my book, The Gort Cloud.

CSR and sustainability can offer new opportunities to sharpen competitive advantages while tuning-up and modernizing brand expression. Wolfgang Puck, for example, is a national food services company that had a rather tired brand image. Embracing green practices gave them a renewed opportunity to point to the quality of their products and upstream sourcing. Armed with new CSR practices, Wolfgang Puck was able to successfully compete for the California Academy of Sciences food vending services. With a new offer, new identity and new brand stories, they increased business.

For more information on our green initiative, please visit The Brand Architect Group / Green.


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